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The Global Village: Responsibility to Engage (R2E) conference is an attempt to create a space for cross-disciplinary dialogue at the heart of the multicultural city of Toronto. A new and exciting initiative that brings together practitioners, educators, academics and students, R2E was conceived as an opportunity to foster meaningful exchange between representatives of different areas of society in their work for the common good.

R2E’s planning team aims to foster fruitful dialogue by engaging a number of academic perspectives, political views, and cultural groups. This polyphony of voices, representative of the radically diverse approaches already present in society, will be part of an effort to reimagine our social fabric and suggest solutions to the issues society faces today. The R2E’s planning team has been inspired by the multiple initiatives in interfaith and multicultural exchange that emerged out of the Second Vatican Council’s Nostra Aetate (Our Time), a declaration on the relation between peoples of different faith traditions.

This blog will feature a series of short opinion pieces tackling some of the topics that will be discussed on October 8th. In the upcoming months, we will gather perspectives from organizers, speakers, and guest experts on issues related to engagement. In this first series we have decided to present perspectives on “engagement.” Mindful of our own biases and limitations, each one of us will provide our opinion on this topic, highlighting commonalities and pinpointing differences. We hope that this exchange will serve as preparation for the kind of discussion you will encounter at R2E!

Héctor Alfonso Acero Ferrer


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