Engagement – Jos Schmitt

Engagement is an on-going and relentless commitment to something or someone you truly believe in. Engagement is what gets the best out of you and leads to great accomplishments, whether they are personal or professional.

A successful company is the result of engaged stakeholders – customers, employees and shareholders – who contribute, without hesitation, their efforts, creativity and experience to achieving the company’s vision. But they will only do so when they truly believe in the vision and when the company allows them to contribute in a meaningful way.

When we envisioned Aequitas, a couple of years ago, it was about much more than setting up another stock exchange: it was about creating a different stock exchange where capital-raising companies and investors come first. It ensued from the observation that existing stock exchanges are no longer properly fulfilling their purpose: enabling companies to raise the capital that will fuel their growth and enabling investors to grow and protect their wealth. Maximizing their own profits became more important than enabling the efficient allocation of capital between investors and companies.

Our vision was different and required a different approach on how to operate a stock exchange. This led to resistance from those with vested interests who championed the status quo, but it also led to a groundswell of support from a far larger number of industry stakeholders who believe in our vision and the need for change. We engaged them not only through our vision but also by enabling a real dialogue, by listening to them and by working together on solutions. With their engagement, we managed to overcome all the hurdles we faced and today Aequitas is operating the Aequitas NEO Exchange: a stock exchange true to its purpose and supported by customers, employees and shareholders who believe in the vision and embrace the way Aequitas allows them to contribute.


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