“Rising Inequality and Voter Apathy: What does it take to put housing and homelessness on the political agenda?”

Summary: This panel will bring together community activists, policy leaders and scholars to discuss how the Canadian political system can address rising inequality both within urban areas and between urban areas. The panel will explore how civil society and academia can influence the political process so that elected officials are motivated to take action on pressing social issues. As such, the moderator and the panelists will address the central question: What does it take to put inequality (with a focus on housing and homelessness) on the political agenda? 

Format: The moderator will introduce the topic and frame it in relation to both his experiences and the theme of responsible engagement. Each panelist will then have 15 minutes to discuss the central question and guiding questions in individual presentations. Panelists are invited to draw from their personal experiences and offer reflections on where as a city and a society we can go from here in tackling inequality.


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